Semilla Center for Healing and the Arts

Seeding a New Community

When I inserted the picture above, Google stated that it was “a close up of some art work”! Of course, that depends how you look at it. We see the beautiful handiwork of Mya, one of our Young Leaders this summer. Mya is 14 years old, quiet, maybe a bit shy. But her artwork shows a vision of exploding color, life and movement.

Mya is one of four youth editors putting together our next issue of The Phoenix of Phillips. With a dozen other youth, she helped paint a new mural in our community. These youth have hope for the future of our community, and are asking you to help seed that hope.

Your contribution to our Give to the Max Day campaign can help more youth like Mya find their creative voice and work with others to plant and tend a renewed community. Giving is easy, and it makes a difference:

Thank you, seeders of a new community!

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