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Community Arts

Humans have been making mosaics for over 4,000 years. The earliest known example of using colored glass occurred in Mesopotamia. The first glazed tiles (which we still use today) date from around 3,500 years ago. Mosaic is the art of taking broken pieces—tiles, glass, mirror—and designing them into a beautiful image. In many ways, it is the same process of creating human community: from our shared brokenness, beauty and strength arise.


Our open mosaic studio is a place where people of all artistic skill levels advance in the skill of making beautiful art together. Children, youth, adults and seniors are led by professional artists through a series of skills, while creating beautiful art for the community. We have worked with over thirty groups throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Contact us for current projects.

No experience necessary. Free.

Come play with color and tile. We will create garden plaques, stakes, decorate benches and make signs for the neighborhood and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. You may even make a special butterfly or bumblebee to take home to decorate your own house or garden.



  1. The River That Makes Glad
  2. Vincent De Paul (with Waite House)
  3. Kaplan’s One
  4. Kaplan’s Two
  5. A Stone’s Throw Shed (2900 Alley)
  6. Peace (2900 Alley)
  7. The Andes (2900 Alley)
  8. River of Life (2800 Alley)
  9. Peace is Beautiful (2800 Alley)
  10. Creation (2800 Alley)
  11. Peace-Love-Hope (2800 Alley)
  12. Robots in Outer Space Universal Peace (2800 Alley)
  13. Our Values in the Community (Back of Grease Pit)
  14. Semilla at Andersen School: front entrance
  15. The Three Sisters at Andersen
  16. Shalom Garden Shed
  17. Shalom Garden Sign
  18. Normandale House
  19. La Mexicana
  20. Stone’s Throw Shed
  21. Semilla (back of church)
  22. We love our neighbors
  23. The Tree of Life: Indoors: St. Paul’s Home
  24. Roosevelt High School
  25. The Peace Garden
  26. The Post Office
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